Coach Steve’s Summer of Fun is committed to empowering kids by providing a nurturing, creative and fun-filled setting in which they have choice. We ask the question, “if we were kids (which we basically still are), what would we want to do” and go from there. During these difficult days it’s even more important for kids to feel connected, to be with their friends, and to be engaged and entertained in an environment that is safe. In fulfilling those needs, we provide continuity and optimism, while helping our campers become the best versions of themselves.



When asked about our program I’ve often jokingly referred to that as our motto. Well, one of them. The other is “Why Not?” which is our emphatic response to any suggestion for a new activity or diversion at camp. Both go a long way toward explaining the singular, child-centered quirkiness of what we do and how we’re different from everybody else.

Born out of little boy’s desire to play soccer with Coach Dad, Coast Sports began on a patch of Barrington Park grass with a bag of half-inflated balls and a set of cranky PVC goals. We grew from one class to a weekly slate of offerings, and in 2001, we inaugurated Coach Steve’s Summer of Fun. From 17 kids on that first day, we’ve seen thousands of campers stream through our gates over the past twenty years. We’ve become a community at once vast and intimate. Each child is the most important child on the field; each family is an integral member of our own family.

Our sign-in table at camp is the Crossroads of the World. Friends who haven’t seen each other since college, play group mommies whose kids go to far-flung schools, even ex-couples now reconfigured who reconnect over children they might have had together (strange but true)… All come together under our umbrella. We have solved the paradox of growing and shrinking the community at the same time.

From traditional camp activities like soccer, basketball, arts & crafts, hockey, baseball and dodgeball to the more unique offerings like mud wrestling, food fights, the Human Car Wash, the Amazing Race and the Color Run, creativity, innovation and humor suffuse everything we do.

Our coaches inspire and stimulate, teach and entertain. Across the board exceptional, they have a loyal fan base that leaps out the car, chatters on at the dinner table and streams into camp looking for that warm and genuine, “Hey Dono, what’s happening?”

“World domination one six year old at a time? Why not!”

Upon reflection that really is what we’re all about. Treating each and every child as an individual, with singular strengths and abilities, instills in that child the confidence to tackle the challenges of growing up in today’s world. Be it soccer or handball or…watermelon seed spitting…whatever your child’s passion or proclivity, we’ve got the community to make it happen.

Welcome to Summer of Fun.