With LAUSD keeping campuses closed until school reopens, we faced a choice of abandoning the summer or mobilizing our resources to convey the spirit of what we do in a reimagined format. We will provide campers ages 4-15 with a sense of community, consistency, the ability to safely make new friends, and give parents a needed break from educating/entertaining their children.

Much will be reminiscent of on-site camp – freedom of choice, humor-laden activities and games, and our fantastic staff, to name a few of the holdovers. There will be some changes, too. Live camp will run monday-friday from 9 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Afternoons will see pre-recorded content posted for those who can’t get enough of the craziness in the morning. We’re devising a virtual program that will be camper-friendly, parent-friendly and wallet-friendly, too.

A valid parent/guardian email address that is checked regularly.  And a contact number for calls or texts that will be responded to instantly should the need for immediate attention arise.

A laptop or a desktop are preferred; however, a tablet will work as well. As a last resort, a phone will do the job, but we recommend a larger screen for a better experience.

A working webcam, audio, microphone, and stable wi-fi.

A comfortable and quiet work area. Some of our sof live 2020 sessions will include physical activity and may bet boisterous, so space to move around is highly encouraged.  

Campers will be provided with a password to enter the camp. From there they will be able to navigate from activity to activity as they choose. 

Because of our mission to make virtual camp as individually responsive as it is on-site, some activities may have a participation limit, which will require pre-registration or a first-come, first-served policy.

All activities are designed to take place in the home or backyard and mixed with plenty of off-screen challenges and contests during the camp day. 

Summer 2020 will see the return of rookie camp for the 4s and 5s (6s, if they feel more comfortable). 12-15 year-olds will also have the opportunity to do activities as a group.  The 6s-11s will be able to range through all the activities offered.

Absolutely. We encourage it. And since we’re not limited by geographic boundaries or distance, if your child has a friend or a cousin anywhere else in the world, they can do camp together, as well.   

So are we. Our site will be password protected so only those authorized will be allowed to participate in our activities.

A logistical feature of our platform will be the breakout room option - which will allow staff flexibility in supervision. The breakout rooms can be used for games, for advanced campers, and for paying attention to campers who need it.

Behavior and internet safety expectations will be reviewed each morning with campers, and reminders will be given throughout the camp day.

Staff and campers will not be able to change how their name is displayed in the activity rooms.

The staff will have the right to remove participants or to suspend a camper temporarily. We want everyone to get the most out of the experience.

Our staff is trained to guide the campers through the daily program without parental assistance. However, this depends on the comfort of your child with technology and the ability to work independently. What that means is for our Rookies, 4-almost 6 year-olds, the supervision of an adult may be necessary. For campers 7 and up, the program should be easy to navigate and require a diminished parental presence.

For arts & crafts, we will offer weekly boxes of supplies to participate in the projects.

Boxes will be available for pick-up, household delivery (no-contact; residents only), or shipping. Where possible, sof live 2020 boxes will be delivered on the weekend before the registered week of camp.

There will be an additional materials charge for those we supply.

Certainly. Visa, Mastercard or American Express are happily accepted, as are eCheck, check, cash, and Venmo.

Prior to the first day of camp, June 22nd, all fees are refundable. After the start of camp, given adequate notice, we will work with you to come up with a fair and equitable resolution. With no notice, there's nothing we can do.

If your child cannot attend camp on a scheduled day, that day can be rescheduled as long as you inform us by 9 a.m.  Either call the office (310-913-3224) or email us (coachstevela@gmail.com). If we don’t hear from you by 9 a.m., we cannot reschedule the day.

You bet. You can come one day, 40 days or any number in between. Flexibility is our middle name.

As a way to wind down from the camp morning, those campers so inclined can have lunch with Coach Steve (and others of our staff) every day from 12:00-12:30. Campers will get to relax and discuss the highlights of their morning, make suggestions for new activities and get pumped up for the next day of camp.

You can reach us during and after camp hours by phone at 310-913-3224 or email coachstevela@gmail.com. We'll get right back to you with the answers.